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Florida Senate Passes Hemp Bill

Sunrise Over Florida

On Friday May 3, HB 333 passed the senate by a unanimous vote. It now waits for G-Ron to sign. Floridians, we are making progress. This creates a hemp program within the Department of Agriculture and should allow some of our Colleges and Universities to grow and perform much needed research.

HB 333 State Hemp Program; Creates state hemp program within DACS; directs DACS to submit plan to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture for approval, maintain land registry & submit monthly reports, & adopt rules in consultation with DOH & DBPR; provides licensure requirements; requires licensees to use specified hemp seeds & cultivars; provides requirements for distribution & sale of hemp extract; provides for violations, corrective measures, & enforcement; revises colleges & universities at which department is required to authorize & oversee industrial hemp pilot projects.

Position: Support
Status: Passed House and Senate unanimously


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