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Boundless Tera V3

$199.99 $149.99

The Boundless Tera V3 offers a complete vaping experience that connoisseurs will love

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Boundless Tera V3

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Precision Temperature (140°F – 446°F)
  • Convection Heating
  • Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
  • Water Pipe Adapter
  • Isolated Air Path
  • Compact Design
  • Removable 18650 Batteries
  • USB Charging
  • Dual Herb/Wax Compatibility

The Boundless Tera V3 Vaporizer is the latest addition to the Boundless line of advanced portable dry herb vaporizers. This is one of the few portable vaporizers to offer both precision temperature control and convection heating, delivering exceptionally smooth and potent clouds tailored to your liking. An isolated air path culminating in a glass mouthpiece maintains fidelity to the essential flavors, aromas and effects of materials. The included stainless steel concentrate pad allows you to seamlessly switch to wax concentrates. Boasting two removable 18650 batteries, the Tera vape offers powerful heating with the option of swapping out dead batteries with fully charged ones for continuous vaping. Enjoy the full array of flavors, effects, and aromas on-the-go and in seconds.


Equipped with an advanced heating system, the Boundless Tera V3 enables you to pinpoint the ideal temperatures for your favorite dry herb strains. You can also customize your clouds based on size, flavor-level, and potency. Zeroing in on the best temperature is easy with a simple control interface. Choose between any temperature within the 140°F to 446°F range and enjoy exacting total control over your vaping sessions.


While most portable vaporizers heat herb against the hot surfaces of their chambers, the Boundless Tera V3 is one of the few to use an advanced air-based heating system that thoroughly vaporizes dry herb without causing harsh smokiness. Hot air bursts into the chamber, making contact with every millimeter of surface area for a more thorough extraction of cannabinoids. Expect pure, smooth, flavor rich and powerful draws time after time.

The convection heating used by the Boundless Tera is preferred by many for its ability to hold onto the flavors of your dry herb. Since there is no combustion that takes place, there won’t be any mutated flavors or charred bits of flower getting into your session. Coupled with it’s flavor saving abilities, convection heating adds an element of safety to your sessions as well; herb combustion can possibly introduce unwanted toxins, and inhaling smoke is never healthy. Convection also helps to conserve your herb, since this heating method does not waste any terpenes (the oils that give cannabis it’s flavor) so you can use just a pinch of bud to get a great vape session.


Boundless equipped the Tera V3 vaporizer with two removable 18650 batteries for unlimited sessions. Rather than wait for your batteries to charge, you can simply replace an empty battery with a freshly charged one. This way you can enjoy continuous vaping. Charge up via USB from just about anywhere.


For those who prefer smoother, cooler hits, the Boundless Tera V3 comes with an easy-to-use water adapter for use with glass water pipes. This enables you to moisture-condition each hit through the process of water filtration. Compatibility with a variety of glass pipes allows limitless compatibility. Enjoy the comfort of purified, moisturized hits on-the-go. Boundless Tera combines portability with advanced features rarely seen in compact vaporizers, placing powerful vapor production in the palm of your hand.

The water pipe adapter that comes with the Boundless Tera V3 is compatible with male and female stems ranging from 10 mm-18 mm and is very simple to use, all you have to do is screw the adapter into the top of the Boundless Tera cap, and set it in your water pipe stem. Using the provided water pipe adapter not only alleviates any possible irritation caused by the vapor, but it also adds a level of cooling to enhance the overall taste of your vaporized buds.


Aside from perfectly vaping dry herb the Boundless Tera V3 is also able to take on concentrates should the user so choose. To get the Tera V3 concentrate ready Boundless included a stainless steel concentrate pad that quickly gives your handheld vape desktop wax vaporizer potential. Using concentrates with the Tera is a breeze, all you have to do is pop the mouthpiece off and place the concentrate pad into the herb chamber.

The concentrate pad is sized to perfectly slide into the chamber with no room for any of your concentrate to slip to the edges or fall underneath. After the pad is placed dab your wax or drip your oil onto it, and replace the mouthpiece. From here just click the power button three times to activate Concentrate Mode, then once your Boundless Tera reaches 500°F inhale from your mouthpiece and enjoy smooth rips of concentrate.


Keeping flavor at the forefront of their designer’s minds, the Boundless team paired the convection oven in the Tera with an included borosilicate glass mouthpiece. This high grade material is at the pinnacle of flavor saving glass as its inertness means there will be no unexpected flavors or burn-off added from the mouthpiece. Borosilicate glass is a staple of any high-quality vaporizer with extreme durability towards temperature changes, meaning you can switch your Boundless Tera from dry herb to concentrate mode and not have to worry about the glass breaking due to the temperature fluctuation.


  • 1 Boundless Tera Vaporizer
  • 1 Glass Mouthpiece
  • 2 18650 Batteries
  • 1 Water Pipe Adapter
  • 1 Stainless Steel Concentrate Pad
  • 5 Stainless Steel Chamber Screens
  • 2 Mouthpiece Screens
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 User Manual


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Boundless Tera V3 Vaporizer Kit
Boundless Tera V3
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