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The Sleek and Stealthy Arizer Air II $28 OFF!

$167.99 $139.99

With an isolated air path and a selection of glass aroma tubes, the Arizer Air II portable vaporizer guarantees purity with every puff

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Arizer Air II

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Conduction and Convection Heating
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Isolated Air Path
  • Interchangeable Battery
  • Pass-thru Charging
  • Digital Display
  • Awarded “Best Dry Herb Vape Pens 2019” by Vaping360

The Arizer Air II features a 50% higher capacity battery and even faster heat up time than its predecessor, the Original Arizer Air Vaporizer. Custom session settings allow you to choose the right temperature based on the type of herb and preferred vapor strength. With an isolated air path and a selection of glass aroma tubes, this portable vaporizer guarantees purity with every puff!

Upgraded Arizer Air II

Say hello to the Arizer Air II, an upgraded version of the wildly successful Arizer Air vaporizer. The new iteration gives you a 50% higher capacity battery and faster heating, coupled with all of the features that made the original Arizer Air a landmark vape. Providing a “true vaporization” experience through an isolated air path and kit of glass aroma tubes, Arizer Air II gives you enhanced flavor and vapor purity.

Compact and ready to use anywhere, the glass tubes feature a rubber cap so you can pre-load your herb before starting whatever you have to do that day. With precision temp control, the Air II gives you the power to zero in on your perfect vaporizing temperature depending on the type of strain and vapor profile you’re aiming for. With a 2-year warranty the Arizer Air II gives you peace of mind while incorporating the highest quality components, ease-of-use, and heating to launch you higher than ever before.

Isolated Air Path

The Arizer Air II is designed with an isolated airpath so the vapor never comes in contact with the electronics housed inside the unit itself, enhancing the purity of your herb’s vapor. The provided glass stem is made with medical-grade borosilicate glass and extends the vapor pathway, which cools down hits and preserves their essential flavors and aromas. Included with the Arizer Air II is a quiver of premium glass components, which include 2 aroma tubes and a botanical dish. These accessories are simple to clean and use, and offer a true vape experience that can be hard to find with a portable vaporizer.

Hybrid Heating

A large majority of portable vaporizers offer either conduction OR convection heating, leaving you to weigh the pros and cons of each and hoping you made the right decision. Vaporizers that use the convection method are great for dry herbs, as this style of heating won’t combust the material. A convection unit evenly heats each mouthful of vapor as you pull, which helps each hits flavor and potency. Convection heating is the best way to preserve terpenes (the oils that give your herb their flavor) and your stash, as a small amount can go a long way with convection heating.

Conduction heating means the heat source is in direct contact with your herbs, meaning they heat up very fast. This style of heating means the material in contact with the heating element will heat faster than the rest of the herb, so a stir between pulls is necessary to get steady flavorful pulls. Most “beginner” vaporizers utilize this style of heating, as it does not have a steep learning curve.

The Arizer Air II combines these heating styles and uses the best qualities of each one. The glass stem heats up at the bottom of the Air II, delivering heat through the oven consistently, while the warm air moving through your herb reaches every area inside the chamber, eliminating the need for stirring. Arizer boosted the heating element on the Air II which loosens the bottleneck and lets you easily deep draw tasty clouds or take slow, flavor rich sips. The Arizer Air II uses a ceramic heating element, which is the best surface to keep the terpenes and subtle flavors of your herb as strong as possible.

Custom Vape

With a revamped easy-to-use LED display the Arizer Air II gives you the power to control every aspect of your dry herb vaping session, so say goodbye to the guessing game that can come with the “brightly colored lights” method of temperature changing. The LED screen shows temperature, which ranges from 122°F to 428°F, in one or ten degree increments and battery life.

This unit also lets you set the auto-shutoff timer, reminder tone volume, display brightness, and length of the button press to turn the vaporizer on. While all of those options may look daunting back to back the Arizer Air II’s screen and simple plus-minus button control easily break down your options and doesn’t need an app, or a giant manual, to operate.

Powerful Battery

The newly designed 18650 battery for the Arizer Air II lasts 50% longer than its predecessor, and is able to heat up faster than the original model. With the new battery design the Air II delivers a solid 75 minutes of continuous vaping from one charge. The new battery is also interchangeable, so if you’ve missed a charging session you can put in a fresh backup (sold separately) without stalling your vaporizing experience. Charge the Arizer Air II up through a USB using the provided cable and power adapter to enjoy a longer battery life.


Even though your herbs are loaded into the stem, the oven itself will start to accumulate a little bit of vaped product over time so it’s best to start there. Dip a cotton swab in the isopropyl alcohol, pinch it do remove any excess liquid, flip your Arizer II upside down to protect the heating element from any liquid, and give the oven a swab. Let it dry and then do a burn-off, like the one you do before your first vape session.

Soak the glass stems in isopropyl alcohol for an hour or two, then rinse them in hot water until they’re clean. You can shake them out, or let them soak overnight to get a deeper clean. If you’re using a screen in the stem pop it out and throw it in the isopropyl alcohol as well. Make sure everything is dry before you reassemble, and you now have a clean Arizer Air II.

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Whats in the Box

  • 1 Arizer Air II Vaporizer
  • 1 Battery
  • 1 Charger / USB /Power Adapter
  • 1 Glass Aroma Tube – 70 mm
  • 1 Glass Aroma Tube – 70 mm with Tip
  • 2 Silicone Stem Caps
  • 4 Stainless Steel Filter Screens
  • 1 Glass Botanical Dish
  • 1 Belt-Clip Carry Case
  • 1 Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
  • 1 Package of Botanicals
  • 1 Owner’s Manual



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Arizer Air II Kit
The Sleek and Stealthy Arizer Air II $28 OFF!
$167.99 $139.99 Select options