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Revelry Supply Odor Control Luggage, Duffels and Bags

Revelry luggage features a Carbon Filter System that’s constructed from layers of odor absorbing charcoal and synthetic filters. Commonly found in many Revelry bags, the Carbon Filter System ensures unwanted dry herb or concentrate smells never escape.

Refresh your bag by simply placing in the dryer for a few minutes – until warm – to release all absorbed odors

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Vapor Age Cannabis Products

Just a few reasons why our CBD is among the best on the market today

Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids

Full Spectrum

These products contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBN and trace amounts of THC

THC Free

THC Free

Products with this symbol contain zero THC cannabinoids. You can be confident if you are subject to testing

GMO Free

GMO Free

Absolutely no genetic modifiers are applied to our hemp plants and all of our hemp CBD products are GMO free

Pesticide Free

Pesticide Free

Absolutely no pesticides are applied to our hemp plants and none is present in any of our hemp CBD products

Co2 Extraction

CO2 Extraction

Super Critical CO2 extraction is currently the most efficient method of cannabinoid extraction and concentrate production

Triple Lab Tested

Lab Tested

Triple laboratory tested for purity including heavy metals, chemicals, fertilizers, genetic modifiers and of course CBD potency

Just a Few of the CBD Brands Available Soon

Dry Herb, Flower, & Tobacco Vaporizers

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Solid Concentrate Vaporizers

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CBD Tinctures

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CBD Capsules

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CBD Edibles

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CBD Concentrates

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CBD for Pets

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CBD Topicals

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CBD Vapes

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Florida Petition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol

If you are a registered Florida voter, please follow this link to the site where you can download and print the petition to legalize and regulate marijuana just like alcohol.

YES! I want to Regulate!

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